Off The Rikhter . . . Sathorn Unique

Best known urban exploration sight in Bangkok. Climbing the Sathron Unique building, otherwise known as the ghost tower. This building was started in the...
360 SEA

360 South East Asia

Off The Rikhter presents a montage of short clips from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia featuring some friends I met along the way.

the lonesome crowded bus

On January 10, 2014, bus fare in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, rose from 16 rubles (0.48 USD) to 19 rubles (0.57 USD). On the 38 bus...

Pura Vida: Solo-Travel

A short documentary on why I solo-travel.

Central American Chicken Buses

Buses that are too old to keep up to date with current US and Canadian emissions standards or just simply falling apart too much...

Solo-travel: The latest frontier

I never thought I’d be a solo-traveler. I spent most of my childhood vacations with my parents and sister, hunkered down with heavy rolling...

3D Cement Paintings

A humble banker is a spectacular painter and sculptor by night. Kurt Obberman makes amazing 3D 10-20 KG paintings with cement, nylon netting and...

Hitchhiking in the Balkans

Steven Montero – contributor – talks about hitchhiking in the Balkans.

Hostel Life

Adam talks about some typical aspects of hostel life.